How to Get Protected from Vacation Rental Scams

Published: 04th August 2011
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Online transactions are the easiest and convenient way of getting a vacation rental home reservation for a family vacation. However, not all are legit as internet crooks are mushrooming to victimize unwary souls. Here's how to check for a site offering safe and sure vacation home accommodation.

To start up a grand family getaway is planning. One area of planning comes settling for a reservation for your entourage’s accommodation. While many vacationers resorted to hotels, lots of families dived in to renting a vacation home to have more privacy and in order to save more. Everything’s been settled and what’s left is for you to travel and experience the break you wanted. Now, what if you discover that the house you have picked and got reserved is not actually booked for your group? Absolutely, not a nice idea to commence a dream vacation for your family!

Just recently, the police arrested 2 men in Palm Springs who victimized 15 individuals in Coachella Valley, Southern California. According to authorities, the crooks embezzled $50,000 from homeowners and vacationers by using the websites, such as HomeAway plus Vacation Rentals by Owners and list the homes that they did not manage or own. The modus operandi is to get the client’s down payments for their own and the latter will just discover in the end that they’ve been scammed after they showed up to the homes.

Since many people have fell prey to vacation rental scams, this piece will help you decide in determining which online vacation rental companies you must put your trust with.

Select and rent only with professional Vacation Rental Managers (VRM). These professionals are active community members. They are trusted and well-established. They are members of the chamber of commerce in their locality. They are rated, too, by the Better Business Bureau. Once you rent from these VRMs, you are assured that the home exists, good as advertised, and is certainly available during the time that you requested for a reservation. They are also available to lend a helping hand immediately once you will encounter issues and problems during your stay.

Furthermore, VRMs are taking care of their brand. They have worked hard in order to establish a good name and earn the reputation. If you want to have a secured rental, do it only with these trusted managers.

Needless to say, the victims of Coachella Valley vacation rental scams may not have known these. Albeit reimbursements that they will somehow get, the experience will always stain in the memory of a supposed-to-be great escapade!

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